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Celebrating the Heartbeat of Contracting

The Contract Administrator

Contract administrators are superheroes. Amid the intricacies of paperwork, countless emails, and endless compliance checks, we see your relentless drive, your passion, and your commitment to excellence.

We believe you deserve more than just another tool; you deserve a partner. A partner that doesn’t just help you manage, but inspires you to thrive. With every feature we’ve crafted, every alert we’ve automated, and every line of code we’ve written, our singular aim has been to ensure you not only excel in your role but genuinely love every moment of it.

Imagine a world where efficiency isn’t just about saving time, but about amplifying your capabilities. Where winning more business isn’t a distant dream, but a daily reality. GovForce is that bridge between your aspirations and achievements.

Let’s redefine contract management together. Let’s elevate your passion, supercharge your efficiency, and ensure that every business opportunity isn’t just another task, but a triumph waiting to happen.

Because at the end of the day, we're not just inspired by what you do; we're inspired by who you are.

Meet our Founders

Tonio DeSorrento headshot

Tonio DeSorrento

Serial Tech Entrepreneur
Former U.S. Marine
Georgetown Law Adjunct
U.S. Naval Academy Grad
Father of six
Affiliations: YPO Member, Bunker Labs Advisor, Veterans Legal Advisory Group Board
Jason Mitchell headshot

Jason Mitchell

Co-Founder & CTO, PatientFinder (Acquired by NASDAQ: DH)
5X software startup CTO
Builder of high performance product and engineering teams
Husband & cat dad
Alicia Hinds Ward headshot

Brandon DiBella
Co-Founder, GovForce

Greg Fitzgerald headshot

Greg Fitzgerald
CEO, ITC Federal

Justin Freeh headshot

Justin Freeh
President, SCATR

Tynel Jarnagin headshot

Tynel Jarnagin
CPO, Expansia

Joe Jordan headshot

Joseph G. Jordan
President & CEO, Actuparo LLC Federal

Alicia Hinds Ward headshot

James Kahrs
Director, Cherry Bekaert

Blaine Klusky headshot

Blaine Klusky
Principal, Hearken Advisors

Jim O'Farrell headshot

Jim O'Farrell
President & CEO, AMSG

Alicia Hinds Ward headshot

Alicia Hinds Ward
Managing Director, DuraBante

Alicia Hinds Ward headshot

Jack Wilmer
‍‍CEO, Core4ce

Built by Data Security Experts, Advised by Industry Veterans

At GovForce, we pride ourselves on creating solutions built on the solid foundation of expert knowledge and real-world insights. By integrating the best of data security and industry-specific practices, we've designed a platform tailored to meet and exceed the unique demands of the prime contractor-subcontractor relationship.